Monday, March 21, 2011

Making of Deskscribble: The power of pure Open GL!

For all those wondering how Deskscribble makes so smooth lines, Deskscribble is completely built up on a customly created OpenGL drawing engine built from the ground up for speed and smooth lines. Yes we mean that Open GL that is used for the newest high end Graphics Games.

For those of you who where interested, Deskscribbles drawing engine was coded in many months to give a perfect and smooth drawing experience. The drawing engine has about 2500 lines of code just for drawing smooth lines and running really speedy.

Behind the simplified GUI of deskscribble is a really powerfull engine which is just waiting to be used by all of you drawing your craziest drrwaings, doodles, notes and more. Try it today. Only on the Mac App Store. Limited time only for $ 6.99

Welcome Deskscribble, the new greenandslimy app. Available now only on the Mac App Store!

Deskscribble is a new app allowing to scribble on top of your desktop, on a whiteboard or on a blackboard for presentation purposes, draw nice scribbles, notes and more.

It is so simple and straight forward to use that even your kids can doodle around with Deskscribble.

Deskscribble has full wacom tablet pressure sensitivity support as undo/redo support, opacity support, autosaves your work so when you quit deskscribble and launch it again everything is there as you left it. One click and your board is wiped. Saving your scribbles is also no problem, and you can even import images.

Deskscribble is perfect for:

• Presentations
• Visual demonstrations
• Desktop highlighting
• Annotations
• Writing notes
• Scribbles
• Kids doodles
• and much much more…