Thursday, April 29, 2010

Cockpit for Mac OS X - Available now!

Welcome the new green&slimy app: Cockpit! Available now!

Cockpit is a really flexible multi application controller and automation center. It is freely extendable with Cockpit Controls and integrates Automator.


  • Controlling your apps and your system
  • Launching apps
  • running tasks, AppleScripts, Shel Scripts and more
  • do all the above use cases by custom and global hotkeys
Try out Cockpit now. Get your copy at
We hope you all enjoy Cockpit as much as we did creating it:)

cheers dietmar

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Coming April 2010: Cockpit!!

Most of you where guessing what we do since the release of Thoughts. Sure we have fixed many bugs and impemented many feature requests. And this is what we will do in future too;)

But today we announce our new Member of green&slimy apps: Cockpit.
Soon you can control your Mac with hyperspeed thanks to Cockpit. And what would you expect from a green&slimy app? Sure, a userfriendly and stunning UI…

Check out to learn more;)
Coming April 2010. Oops that is just some more days left in April…

So, this in fact was what we where working the last months on and made us many sleepless nights
Hope you like it as i do;)

cheers dietmar