Sunday, January 31, 2010

Thoughts 1.0.2 out! Allows basic syncing to other macs via dropbox or idisk

Another update for Thoughts is out. Version 1.0.2 can be downloaded from you servers.
This update brings some often requestesd features, like default formating for new pages, custom location for the shelf folder, show/hide the sidebar of opened book documents. But most importantly it brings basic syncing to other macs via dropbox or idisk. To use this choose your idisk shared folder (or dropbox folder) of choise as Thoughts shelf folder location. (Warning: This does not allow to work on one book simultaneously on two macs

There are also many bugfixes and optimizations which should speed up the overall use of the shelf and more.

Grab your copy here:)

Hope you like the new features;) cheers dietmar

Friday, January 29, 2010

Thoughts prototypes based on my apple resume token for the ipad???

I just looked back at some emails to steve i sent in the year 2006 i think.
After that i got an email back grom steve and from the apple staffing section, where they asked me for a resume and worksamples. I sent them to apple.

Have a look at the email i sent to apple in 2006:

Now guess what i see, the ipads ebook reader interface (when you open up the book) looks exactly like the one i sent apple in 2006. This resume was a prototype which Thoughts is based on.

Have a look at this side by side screenshot:

I know that this is some kind of often used metaphor, and maybe these are just little details, but i thought it would be interesting to mention it and see what you think of it. As Andreas (the coding guy behind green&slimy) mentioned, as this is just a visualization of a real book, there woudln´t be that much possibilities of doing this. It just hit me when i first saw the ebook reader and let me think on thoughts:) So no offence on this:)

If Apple was inspired by prototypes of thoughts or not, i like the ebook reader interface, and i have highest respect of all the work gone into the iPad User interface design and workflow thinkings;)

cheers dietmar

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Thoughts 1.0.1 out!

Our first week of Thoughts beeing released we got much feedback from you and we are very thankful about that, because it helps us improving Thoughts;) We also got some bug reports which we where hunting after to fix and we are happy to announce Thoughts version 1.0.1 for download;)

With this version Thoughts now shows all books on startup (and not only 3 and the rest later) Thoughts also allows to undo page deletes now. So your deleted pages are not lost, but just an undo away;)

You can update Thoughts with the inapp autoupdate feature. (Thoughts>check for updates) or you can download Thoughts 1.0.1 at

Thanks alot, cheers dietmar

Sunday, January 17, 2010

It´s finally here: Thoughts available now!!!


We had a long week and a much longer night today:) But finally it is done. Thoughts is available for download at
So grab your copy today. We hope you all have much fun using it;)

You can also buy a license at our store for 24€ each from now on.

So i will go to bed now;) really tired after so much work;)
Have a good day, cheers dietmar

Saturday, January 9, 2010

One more thing…THE BIG BANG! Get ResizeMe for free! No purchase required!

If you have waited just to see if there is something like a bonus on the Preorder Bundle… yes there is! THE BIG BANG is here. Just spread the word on twitter and get ResizeMe for free! No purchase required. Get it here

And don´t forget to tell your friends!:)
cheers dietmar

Friday, January 8, 2010

Preorder now and get exclusive private beta access of Thoughts right away!

Hi there

Only some days for you to preorder Thoughts within the Thoughts Preorder bundle. Because of the huge success of the Preorder bundle we are offering all those who preorder now, an exclusive private beta access of Thoughts. Be one of the first to test and use Thoughts right away:)

For all of you who already ordered the Thoughts preorder bundle:
If you also want to have exclusive private beta access, just drop me a line at dietmar(at) greenandslimy (dot) com.

We are also still on track to release Thoughts in late January;) Signup for our newsletter to be ready when Thoughts is released!

Thanks, cheers dietmar