Thursday, April 29, 2010

Cockpit for Mac OS X - Available now!

Welcome the new green&slimy app: Cockpit! Available now!

Cockpit is a really flexible multi application controller and automation center. It is freely extendable with Cockpit Controls and integrates Automator.


  • Controlling your apps and your system
  • Launching apps
  • running tasks, AppleScripts, Shel Scripts and more
  • do all the above use cases by custom and global hotkeys
Try out Cockpit now. Get your copy at
We hope you all enjoy Cockpit as much as we did creating it:)

cheers dietmar


  1. I dont want to spoil the happiness, but your apps calls my attention and then it always have some kind of gab in between... I love the look and ease of use of Thoughs but when I downloaded it I ended buying Mac Journal and remember saying "why thoughts can't do this, this Mac Journal is ugly as hell but it does a lot." I wish your app grows a little more and I will buy it. Today I received an email with Cockpit, and I was like wow this is what I was looking for. Again I was dissapointed. I already have Automator and Apple Script and more of my controls are right in my contextual menu. Why don't push the envelope and do something more like activate global keys to any app or control your apps with more tasks that you wont find on an app without Cockpit. It seems I will still wait for the upgrades, not yet for me.... damn.

  2. Doesn't work... :(
    I launch the application and doesn't start anything. I have to kill the process in activity monitor.

    MacBook Alu Late 2008, Mac OS X 10.6.3

  3. doesn't work for me either; just hangs and hangs, really.

  4. Cockpit is a Menubar app. this means, when you launch Cockpit you will see a small icon in the top right corner at the menubar. Click on it and the Cockpit Window appears. Cheers dietmar