Sunday, May 16, 2010

Thoughts 1.0.3 available now!

Today is the big update day at the green&slimy office. Let´s start with the long awaited update for Thoughts.
This version of Thoughts fixes some critical bugs. This updated is highly recommended to everyone using Thoughts. Thanks for your patience on this update.

Version 1.0.3
• Fixed problem where books would not open at all
• Fixed bug where pages could get lost
• Fixed possible crash that could occur after trying to format images
• Updated russian translation

Thanks for your patience on this update.
cheers dietmar


  1. Thanks for the update, but the shelf view still has bugs. I cannot see my books on my shelf no matter what I try. I have to find the book in the finder and open it from there.

  2. Hi, just resize the shelf once and the shelf shows all your books again;)

    cheers dietmar

  3. Hi,
    I just downloaded thoughts and love its concept and looks.
    Some questions:
    -how can I resize images when I drag them in?
    -how can I create a subfolder within a chapter of a book?

    Just a thought: In the longer run it would be nice to have the books sitting on the shelf like real books, just showing the spine of the book.


  4. Images can´t be resized in the current version as well as subfolders are not supported for now. But these are on our feature request list for a future version;)

    Thanks alot for your great feedback;)
    cheers dietmar