Monday, April 11, 2011

Deskscribble 1.1 available on the Mac App Store

We are happy to announce that only 5 weeks after the release of Deskscribble 1.0 we are updating Deskscribble and bringing it to a whole new level.

Version 1.1 of Deskscribble brings many major improvements and new features along with a reworked GUI. So many new features that i cannot name all of them. To name a few of them: new sharing options for facebook cloudapp and flickr, new presentation mode, new click through tool, new global shortcuts.

Hope you really like the update, cheers dietmar

These are the change notes:

Performance Improvements
• Greatly improved the drawing performance.

Minimizing the Tools Palette
• By dragging or clicking on its handle, you can now minimize the tools palette to get out of the way.

New Cursors
• Now the cursor shows the tool that's currently selected.

New tool: Clickthrough
• Allows you to interact with all applications while the drawing is in the foreground.

Added Presentation Mode
• Allows you to use application like Keynote and Powerpoint, drawing on top of the slides! (See our help page on how to configure Keynote for this)
• Works best in combination with the clickthrough tool.

Added Hotkey Support
• System-wise hotkeys for switching between Deskscribble and the other applications and for all three tools.
• They're user-configurable in the preferences.

Added Tool Shortcuts
• All tools have single-key shortcuts now (as long as Deskscribble is in the foreground).
• Take a look at the preferences for a list.
• Works especially well when the tools palette is minimized.

Added Support for Multiple Screens
• Select the monitor to use for scribbling in the preferences.

Export Image Types
• Images can now be exported in the GIF, JPEG, JPEG2000, PDF and TIFF format along with the already existing PNG integration.

Social Integration: Upload your creations to the Internet! Share with your colleagues, friends and family!
• Facebook
• Flickr
• CloudApp

Other Things
• Switching between canvas colors now fades.
• Added a button in the tools palette to quickly switch out of Deskscribble without quitting it.
• Added pinch gesture for changing the tool size and the swipe gesture for changing the canvas background.
• Added a context menu for quickly switching settings while drawing.
• Added a list of color presets (the full color range is still available though!).
• Added the "View" menu to minimize the tools palette and showing the colors palette.
• Added help files.


  1. Your application crashes, almost immediately. Unfortunately, you also do not reply to the bug report I mailed. So, to me, you application seems just a wast of money.

  2. Would be useful if in the next version you added the ability to draw basic shapes such as rectangles, circles and arrows.