Sunday, January 9, 2011

Greenandslimy and the Mac Appstore

The Mac Appstore is now opened its first days, and we feel the need to explain what we plan in terms of future plans of distributing our apps Thoughts and Cockpit.

First let me say, that we are happy to plan to offer both, Thoughts and Cockpit from within the Mac Appstore. Thoughts is available via the Mac Appstore from day 1 in the Mac Appstore. Cockpit will follow soon after.

Mac Appstore pricing VS greenandslimy store pricing:
As you all now Apple is getting 30% of all earnings. We really thought a while about this and came to the point that we at least for now can´t afford to give 30% of thoughts earnings to Apple just to be in the Mac Appstore. That is why we decided to raise the prices a little bit. (about half of the 30% Apple gets, this would be 15% we pay to Apple, and another 15% the Mac Appstore customer pays for having easier update control and more Appstore services from the Mac Appstore) We know that this is not the perfect solution, but as we are a very small company and Thoughts and Cockpit are the only incomes we have for daily living and supporting both apps we hope you understand this solution.

For all customers not wanting to pay more then in the greenandslimy store, they can still buy their licenses as usual for the same prices as ever including demoversions, household licenses and business licenses in our own greenandslimy store

So to sum up here, the Mac Appstore pricings are about 15% more expensive then in our own greenandslimy store because apple gets 30% of all our earnings we make, which is not the case for our own greenandslimy store. You have the choice where to buy.

Mac Appstore customers VS greenandslimy store customers
We plan to support both, greenandslimy store customers and Mac Appstore customers with updates and bugfixes at least until the next paid appversion. So all customers who ordered their licences in our greenandslimy store, or via macbuzzer will get bugfix updates and more at least until the next paid version of Thoughts or Cockpit.

Time will tell if we also offer version 2.0, 3.0 and so on of Thoughts and Cockpit for our greenandslimy store. Anyway, introductory prices for the Mac Appstore are planned, if we decide to offer any future paid version (2.0, 3.0 and so on) of Thoughts and Cockpit exclusively in the Mac Appstore. So you can even save when upgrading to future paid versions if we decide to make any paid version Mac Appstore exclusive in the future.

Thoughts update 1.0.4 coming to all customers
As you may have seen Thoughts version 1.0.4 is already available in the Mac Appstore. All customers who bought their licenses via our greenandslimy store can update to version 1.0.4 via "Check for Updates" from within Thoughts the next week. (Supporting two versions for Mac appstore and our own greenandslimy store takes time, sorry)
So you don´t have to buy again to run the latest version. As said before we also will offer future updates at least until the next major paid upgrade Thought 2.0 and Cockpit 2.0 via this option.

We are planning to offer both Thoughts (already available via the Mac Appstore) and Cockpit (available soon via the Mac Appstore) We will support both, the Mac Appstore as well as our own greenandslimy store in the future. The cheapest way to get your license will still be our own greenandslimy store. Allthough we are happy to get Thoughts and Cockpit known to many new customers via the Mac Appstore.

We hope that everyone is pleased with our plans for the Mac Appstore. Please contact us via support@greenandslimy if you have any further questions.

Cheers Dietmar

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  1. As a Thoughts customer, I liked the conduct you decided to follow. Congratulations!