Friday, January 14, 2011

Thoughts 1.1 Codename "Monocle"

Today i will talk about something special. Currently we are hard at work on finishing the newest version of Thoughts version 1.1 called "Monocle". It will introduce some things you have been asking for a while now and i am happy to introduce 3 of the new features which will make working with Thoughts even easier.

1. Searching for books
Monocle will offer a searchfiel in the shelfs upper right corner to let you search through all your books. No need to scroll through hundreds of books to find the one. Just type in the book name and it is there.

2. Importing
Finally you can easily import all your text documents into Thoughts. Monocle will offer to import multiple text documents into books. Supported formats are txt, rtf, rtfd, doc, docx, otd, html and webarchive.
Just click on import, select multiple documents and Thoughts will create a new book and creates one page per document. Smart and simple. You can also import documents into already created books.

3. Drag and drop pages from one book into another
Thoughts 1.1 Monocle will allow you to sort Pages not only inside a give book, but from one book into another. So if you feel the need that a page of one book better fits the content of another book, just open both books, side by side, and drag the page to the page list of the other book, done.
We are also working on other improvements which you have been waiting for a while now. Thoughts 1.1 Monocle will be available soon.

One extra for greenandslimy store customers: Thoughts 1.1 Monocle will be available to you via sparkle before it will be available in the Mac Appstore.

We are really excited and hope you will like it as we do;)
cheers dietmar


  1. Great news! What would be even better was an auto import feature. Then you could define a folder and every new text file would be imported to a given book. That way you could use iOS apps like Plaintext to jot down entries, upload them to you dropbox and at home the would magically appear in Thoughts ... Just my 2 cents ;)

  2. I like Marco's idea.

    I hope you will get the printing fixed for 1.1 so that the whole page prints.

  3. Printing is fixed with version 1.1, cheers dietmar