Sunday, January 17, 2010

It´s finally here: Thoughts available now!!!


We had a long week and a much longer night today:) But finally it is done. Thoughts is available for download at
So grab your copy today. We hope you all have much fun using it;)

You can also buy a license at our store for 24€ each from now on.

So i will go to bed now;) really tired after so much work;)
Have a good day, cheers dietmar


  1. After upgraded, Thoughts 1.0 cannot open the book created before using preview version (v380). The error message is "The managed object model version used to open the persistent store is incompatible with the one that was used to create the persistent store."

    I saved my book in .thoughts file, which is not imported to Thoughts 1.0. Can you help me importing this old book file?

  2. Preview versions were intend to ty out Thoughts. it was not intend for daily use. since it was a beta version. As we added new features in the final version the book format has changed.

    Please send me the book at dietmar(at)greenandslimy(point)com and i´ll try to convert it to the new book format:)

    cheers dietmar

  3. Hello, dev team.
    Congratulaton for great peace of work.

    How an intensive web surfer i intresting in2 your's app.
    But in that moment u don't offer Safari clipping service...

    (Yep just tick the web site content, duble tap & shoose send 2 thoughts... menu option --- open the window where u can describe the name of note & it will automatically create new page with discribed name) + web sites pages view optimisation, your's view is pefect for own hand made notes, but not for webpages....

    If u will make it that procedure better than MS Onenote or Circusponies Notebook, i will buy your's app with pleasure.

    Good Luck.
    Circusponies Notebook Customer

  4. Hi, I've bought Thoughts and I think it's a great application with a beautiful interface.
    It would be great if you add featrues:
    - Password protected notebooks
    - Kind of "Folders" to group pages in the notebook
    - iPhone app (or sync with one of the existing notes-apps)
    - Possibility to hide the left sidebar with pages list

  5. Just a little feature request:
    * Ability to resize pictures (or $MEDIACONTENT) on pages

  6. Would also be nice to customize the book covers by different colours and styles to help break them up (and make them easier to identify.