Friday, January 29, 2010

Thoughts prototypes based on my apple resume token for the ipad???

I just looked back at some emails to steve i sent in the year 2006 i think.
After that i got an email back grom steve and from the apple staffing section, where they asked me for a resume and worksamples. I sent them to apple.

Have a look at the email i sent to apple in 2006:

Now guess what i see, the ipads ebook reader interface (when you open up the book) looks exactly like the one i sent apple in 2006. This resume was a prototype which Thoughts is based on.

Have a look at this side by side screenshot:

I know that this is some kind of often used metaphor, and maybe these are just little details, but i thought it would be interesting to mention it and see what you think of it. As Andreas (the coding guy behind green&slimy) mentioned, as this is just a visualization of a real book, there woudln´t be that much possibilities of doing this. It just hit me when i first saw the ebook reader and let me think on thoughts:) So no offence on this:)

If Apple was inspired by prototypes of thoughts or not, i like the ebook reader interface, and i have highest respect of all the work gone into the iPad User interface design and workflow thinkings;)

cheers dietmar


  1. Hi Dietmar,

    maybe you need to be a professional designer or something, but I am absolutely unable to see any close similarities between the two. Sorry.


  2. sorry, as much as I like your product, I really can't tell a difference. You might just want to get over it and be honored that if this is true, Apple would want to copy your minor details that you are pointing out.

  3. I don't see the resemblance. Your App is beautiful but it's not the prototype that Apple used to engaged iBooks.