Sunday, January 24, 2010

Thoughts 1.0.1 out!

Our first week of Thoughts beeing released we got much feedback from you and we are very thankful about that, because it helps us improving Thoughts;) We also got some bug reports which we where hunting after to fix and we are happy to announce Thoughts version 1.0.1 for download;)

With this version Thoughts now shows all books on startup (and not only 3 and the rest later) Thoughts also allows to undo page deletes now. So your deleted pages are not lost, but just an undo away;)

You can update Thoughts with the inapp autoupdate feature. (Thoughts>check for updates) or you can download Thoughts 1.0.1 at

Thanks alot, cheers dietmar


  1. Any chance you will adapt Thoughts for the iPad? Could be really useful, especially once OS 4 is released.



  2. wirklich ein furioser anfang und eine sehr schöne idee. sowas brauchen wir. ABER wir brauchen auch resize und positioning für BILDER auf den seiten. echt! ist das in planung? ich hoffe schwer, denn dann könnte ich es sehr gut brauchen. alles alles alles gute wird gut!...reinhard

  3. I'm not sure if this is the right place to ask. But are you planning a future version that will have some drawing functions. It would be nice to be able to inserts shapes, arrows, lines since we don't always express ourselves in linear, sequenced text.

  4. It would be good to have different designs of book covers and password protection