Sunday, January 31, 2010

Thoughts 1.0.2 out! Allows basic syncing to other macs via dropbox or idisk

Another update for Thoughts is out. Version 1.0.2 can be downloaded from you servers.
This update brings some often requestesd features, like default formating for new pages, custom location for the shelf folder, show/hide the sidebar of opened book documents. But most importantly it brings basic syncing to other macs via dropbox or idisk. To use this choose your idisk shared folder (or dropbox folder) of choise as Thoughts shelf folder location. (Warning: This does not allow to work on one book simultaneously on two macs

There are also many bugfixes and optimizations which should speed up the overall use of the shelf and more.

Grab your copy here:)

Hope you like the new features;) cheers dietmar


  1. I'm pleased to see the synch-via-Dropbox option added. I will now be using Thoughts routinely given that I can synch my office and home computers. Thanks for bringing this into Thoughts so quickly.

    M. Flower

  2. Just downloaded the demo version, and I must say, you guys have a beautiful app. The only feature that I need that Thoughts doesn't provide is the ability to collapse trees. Would love to be able to store code snippets in Thoughts, but collapse them to make skimming easier. Just my two cents.

  3. Hoping for an update soon to fix the printing difficulty, and give me a word count...

  4. well, i am student and i always need to take notes in class, so i wonder is there any possibility you add some recording function and editing mathematical formulas(like Latex or something i can input special characters). then it would be perfect.

  5. First of all, excuse my english. I've just bought the app today and I think it's going to be very useful to me. Fantastic to have the app in my language (it looks spanish of Argentina more than spanish of Spain, not very important). I want to suggest something for next upgrades: 1) Possibility of encrypting and protecting a book by password; 2) Better tex edition, for example in tables (selection of hole rows, or hole columns to change its properties, fonts, etc...; 3) Possibility of introducing verification markers (buttons) in a todo list.
    And obviously it will be fantastic an iPhone (and iPad) app. I hope it soon.
    Best Regards.

  6. Hi Guys! (excuse my english) First, congrats for your wonderful app. I bought it a few days ago and i´m very happy with it.

    I wanted to send you some feedback on things that i think will make it better:

    1) We should be able to name books with longer titles. I have some titles that need more space... i had to come up with titles like TTWRD. :D and that´s not a good title for a book :D

    2) Animations (Sliding pages, Books openings, books sizing up, and so on) could be an option you activate (or de-activate) in Thoughts preferences. I think they´re kind of slow right now... (not a complaint) but even if you make them go fast, i´ll be nice that the user could just turn them off. I would.

    3) Password protection for individual books.

    4) This is more of personal taste & design. "Thoughts" is a modern app for "storing all your text snippets and thoughts...whether you are journalist, storywriter, hobbiest, developer..." I think that is great and I - being a screenwriter myself -couldn´t agree more. But the design of the "book" looks rather old fashion, and I don´t think is the kind of book a journalist-storywriter-hobbiest-developers would have in his bag. I encourage you to think of something like this better :
    ...which i think will give it a more modern feeling and resemble a more apropiate type of thought and note-taking book.

    Again. Congrats. Keep up with updates and improvement. If you need any help (with testimonials, spanish translations, or something like that) let me know.


  7. You could make a way to leave feature suggestions… this app it's almost perfect, but it needs some improvements that would make it perfect and indispensable…
    For me now, there are two of them indispensable: the ability to disable animations (i'm on a slow mac mini), and an iphone/ipad app (or at least, a "thoughts web server", in order to access books from iphone/ipad).

    Other improvements could be: colapsable trees (like mandmappping or for code snippets, as stated above), attachments, checkboxes (to make todo's like lists)…

    I buy this app because I thinks is inevitable to have a iphone/ipad app (i hope i'm not wrong), and with that, I would use it everyday…

    And I have to congratulate you, besides the overall app, for the great text editing… after Pages, it's the best cocoa-native editor…

  8. I'm having some problems with the formatting of bullets, as it is not consistent. Some times, removing and recreating an item, the bullet change dimension, and if you add a sub item, from that point on the identation changes.

  9. I too think it's a great app, but I would also like to see the ability to disable animations. It does seem a bit graphics resource intensive for what it does. The site says "Thoughts is a really flexible note- and information manager. Click on the usescases to find out more about them." The graphical transitions are nice to have, but when you sacrifice usability on older machines (like those with an Intel GMA graphics), I think the project may be losing focus of the original intent. It's a great application, and I enjoy using it, but the animations and some of the other stuff are more intrusive than beneficial.

  10. Thoughs really need an iPad app and ... some updates! Last word from developer is 3 months ago (this very message we are commenting about)!

  11. Sent a mail to developer asking about future updates one week ago, but no answer. Still waiting, while trying MacJournal :-(

  12. Thet answered! And they told me they are working on it! ippi ya ye! Bye bye MacJournal...